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    I wanted to ask if you would be so kind and provide me with html and css files only for the curtain slider? i am trying to dig into the whole code to pull it up and I think I am doing something wrong because it is not working properly.

    Thank you very much!



    The slider is spread across several files: JS/CSS/HTML. You might be interested in this

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    Yes, but I already purchased your theme so you are suggesting I should go and make another purchase just to get the slider? Are you a computer tech/support or sales rep? I’d rather spoke with “Dude” since he help me the last time.

    Thanks for nothing.


    I apologize for offending you. I wasn’t stating that you should go purchase, but I simply thought you’d be interested in knowing Kriesi sells just the slider separately in case you had bought the theme just for the slider. You of course then could ask TF for a refund on the WP theme and purchase the (much less expensive) slider. Again, I apologize for any misunderstandings.

    Here are the files that you could look in to extract the slider. If you have additional questions I am here to help.

    Look at js/custom.js and around line 1530 is the start for the class.


    * AviaSlider - A jQuery image slider

    * (c) Copyright Christian "Kriesi" Budschedl



    * For sale on


    /* this prevents dom flickering, needs to be outside of dom.ready event: */

    document.documentElement.className += 'js_active';

    /*end dom flickering =) */


    You’ll probably create a new file called jquery.aviaslier.js and paste that class in there.

    You can look towards the top of the custom.js for the initialization of the slider

    // aviaslider initialisation


    animationSpeed:slideShowArray, // animation duration

    autorotation: slideShowArray, // autorotation true or false?

    autorotationSpeed:slideShowArray, // duration between autorotation switch in Seconds

    transition: slideShowArray,

    blockSize: {height: slideShowArray, width:slideShowArray}, //heigth and width of the blocks'

    betweenBlockDelay:slideShowArray,// delay between each block change

    transitionOrder: newTransitionOrder,

    showText: true, // wether description text should be shown or not

    display: 'all', // showing up blocks: random, topleft, bottomright, diagonaltop, diagonalbottom, all

    switchMovement: false, // if display is set "topleft" it will switch to "br" every 2nd transition

    slideControlls: 'items', // which controlls should the be displayed for the user: none, items

    slides: '.featured', // wich element inside the container should serve as slide



    Then starting around line 260 of style.css you’ll find properties relating to elements with class .slideshow copy any of those you find to the other project.


    height:390px; /*this changes the height of the main image slider*/


    overflow: hidden;

    position: relative;


    The HTML is probably easiest to obtain by viewing the source on the theme and copying and pasting what WordPress spits out. It’s fairly straightforward to modify and add new elements.


    I think I’ll take your suggestion and will ask for a refund to get the aviaslider. Who do I contact? Please advise. And thanks for your help.


    Please contact themeforest support to get a refund – tf is your contract partner.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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