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    Hi, I posted this problem before and thought that it was resolved. It seems to be fine on firefox, but not on safari, chrome and IE.

    I have uploaded a small screen shot here:

    1 & 2 are slider info arrows and buttons that appear even though one image is there

    3. is another issue that happens (the forward and back buttons) using firefox and IE. this seems to be OK on safari on chrome.

    I have cleared cache and opened up on various computers.


    a sample of the issue can be seen here:

    please view in safari, I.E or chrome to see the issue.



    sorry… looking through this support issue 3 has been resolved here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -bar-below-blog-articles

    but number 1 & 2 issues still there :(


    Hi kevin77,

    Can you try disabling all active plugins and then testing the posts again. Next try to open one of the portfolio items having the issue, make a small modification to it then updating it.

    Additionally, try re-downloading the theme from theme forest and then uploading it again on your server to overwrite the theme files. Perhaps something got corrupted at some point and is causing a bit of an error.




    ahh… shucks. my one and only plug in which is use caused this issue. Fotomoto!!! arggghhh…

    thanks Devin.

    any ideas on how to incorporate it into the portfolio instead of in prettyporfolio?


    Was it the one that added the store/purchasing information to it?

    If you really wanted to use it we could give you some css to forcefully hide the navigation buttons so that they don’t appear. It would mean you wouldn’t be able to use multiple image for portfolio slideshows.

    Additionally, you could check with the developers who might be able to quickly tell you what part of the plugin would be causing that.




    before you give me the css, can I ask one question: Is it possible to put a slider in there which plays the images back randomly? I plan to use this in one of my pages.

    Because if the answer is, yes I can… I won’t be using the css to force hide the navigation buttons.

    I have opened a case with the fotomoto developer and will post the solution here if I get one.


    Ok, I’ve spoken to the developer and they suggested to deactivate the prettyphoto plugin. I opened up another topic “fotomoto” which i am close to solving. Dude has given me a code which has made significant progress.

    I have a couple of minor issue open in that topic. So I will close this one.

    Thanks for the help Devin.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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