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    Hey guys, I was reading Dude’s thread on recommended plug ins before making my decision.

    SlideDeck 2 looks great, but Upscale is smart enough to know that without Kriesi’s slideshow the page isn’t a home page and add’s side margins, and breadcrumb trail etc. SlideDeck 2 gives you one line of php code that can add a slideshow however when I try editing the page template I can put the code above the kriesi home page slideshow and then it ends up on all pages. I’d like to replace Kriesi’s slideshow with SlideDeck 2 but keep the extended blue background, no breadcrumb trail etc, removing his slide show add’s these features. Some help would be great.





    I think the easiest solution is to hide the standard slideshow on the homepage with css – everything else would require some (major) php code modifications. Try following css code in css/custom.css:

    .home .slideshow{
    display: none;


    Hey, I tried that.

    It hid the slides, but not the slider controls (arrows and circles). I also put the PHP SlideDeck 2 line above that in the page code but that makes it show on the header on every page.

    Where should this go? <?php slidedeck( 1437, array( ‘width’ => ‘100%’, ‘height’ => ‘300px’ ) ); ?>

    Obviously, I’m not expecting you to put a tonne of work into this and re-write the site.



    Easier question, could I add the line of code above so it goes under the slide show. As in under the circle slide show controls. I can make that happen but again it then shows on the header under every page. Thanks


    Have you tried to use conditional tags: ? I.e.:

    if ( is_home() || is_front_page() ){
    slidedeck( 1437, array( 'width' => '100%', 'height' => '300px' ) );

    would call the slider on the homepage only.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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