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    I am trying to setup SlideDeck for my site. I would like SlideDeck to appear between the top navigation and the first post or even just above everything. I have the following code to insert into the header, but I am not entirely sure where to insert it:

    <?php slidedeck( 1008, array( ‘width’ => ‘100%’, ‘height’ => ‘370px’ ) ); ?>

    Could I please have a hint? Thanks!



    I’d place the code before following line in header.php:

    <!--end head-->


    Hmm, but if you go to my site you can see that this causes two issues: first it hides the top of the first post and second it is underneath the top navigation. Any ideas?


    Maybe a small suggestion?


    I think you insert the code somwhere before

    <!--end head-->

    and the menu code, etc.

    Please add the code DIRECTLY before the “end head” html comment.


    It still seems not to work.

    What I really would like is for the slider to display recent posts instead of featured images. Is this possible with the slider?



    Your slideshow does what I need: it’s a series of slides that link to other posts (not all to one page). Can you tell me how you made that work?



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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