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    I start to work with WP and Corona is my first template.

    I’m excited, but my customer pointed out to me that the home page with slide Aviacordion(4 photos)

    takes a lot of CPU performance (60%), even if Autorotation is set to false.

    The customer thinks that users with weak computers will have a problem with our site, because it blocks their system.

    Is there any solution or explanation?



    I have here a veeeery slow internet with 768 kB – and I have no problems looking at the Aviacordion :-)


    Problem is not in speed, but in CPU performance…

    Check it. Of course, it depends on your computer.



    I tested Firefox and Chrome and the required CPU performance with a weak intel dual core centrino cpu is ~20%. Even old notebooks and netbooks based on (cra***) intel atom platforms won’t have problems to display the accordion slider. Only the 3d flash slider may cause lags because even simple Flash banners, etc. eat up a lot of cpu power…



    many thanks for your answer, but…

    the problem is not that OUR computer with intel dual core has cpu performance 60% (Tested on Firefox, Windows, Ubuntu…)

    but the question is, why the same cpu performance is when autorotation=true as well as autorotation=false…

    what’s working inside?



    as said before the slider should be no problem for people with “slow” computers but rather with “slow” internet depending on the image size you’re included. As far as I know the slider loads every image and then rotates them. This means every slider image is loaded when you visit the page with the slider, by the time the second image is due it should have been loaded a long time.



    many thanks for your time, I needed answers for my customer.

    I like that slide and I am very happy with your template !


    Glad I could help :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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