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    Hello there

    I recently purchased SleekTabs for my folio. I installed sexy-cycle ( and inserted it into a static page.

    If i go on my I am able to see it working. However the navigation in SleekTabs adds a # automatically and modifies my urls to, and in this view I am not able to see my slideshow.

    How can I modify the code to either remove the # tag, or add code to make the plugin work? Are there compatible slideshow gallery type plugins that would work?

    Please help.

    I use MAMP on my machine

    WP 3.1

    Have intermediate knowledge at building wp themes

    Have basic understanding of jQuery



    I think the problem is related to the gallery control buttons. They’re empty links so if you click on them a “#” appears in the browser bar. The only wired thing is that it’s insert between domain and page name and not at the end. Can you set up a live demo. Maybe I can debug the js and find the problem.



    I had a look through the code of sexycycle and it doesn’t seem to be using attaching a # to the url.


    Functioning gallery:

    Theme jQuery:

    SexyCycle plugin jQuery:

    I haven’t modified your code at all. Thanks a lot.


    I must admit I can’t find the problem. I tried debugging the js with firebug but can’t find the cause….


    Ok but is your code functioning properly?

    Are there any gallery plugins that are compatible with this theme? Please help.



    You can try nextgen galery plugin: – I use it on varioussites and I love it :)



    Problem is that NextGen is conflicting with your theme. I believe the solution is to get NextGen to load in an iframe, but I am unable to find any tutorials or answers on the forums. Any thoughts?



    If you use the thumbnail gallery Nextgen shouldn’t conflict because no js files are called. You can also try to use the wordpress gallery – just attach images to your post/page by using the media/image uploader button on the left top of your post/page editor – the insert following shortcode in the textfield:


    This will display all attached images. I’ll ask Kriesi to send me a copy of sleektabs and will test it with nextgen gallery.


    I already tried [gallery] unsuccessfully. I need a sliding gallery to work on this, and also a modal gallery. I look forward to your findings.



    So I got NextGen to display the gallery in thumbnail format as you suggested. However when trying to open individual images it takes me to the actual image file rather than using the modal window.

    I am using the Lightbox effect on NextGen.



    1) Try to update your prettyphoto files by downloading the newest version here:

    Then use prettyphoto as your nextgen lightbox. Go to your admin panel > Gallery (Nexgen options panel) > Options

    There you’ll see Tabs at the top: One tab is callled “effects”. Click on it.

    Now you select “custom” at Javascript Thumbnail effect and in the field below you write following:


    Screenshot of the options page:

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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