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    Hey there,

    I hope i can make my self clear without confusing you… After installing an extension for woocommerce to bundle products, the SKU stopped showing on the bundle products, I have contact woocommerce and this was their response.

    “I am attaching a file which will add the sku, please place this file inside your theme’s folder under WooCommerce/single-product/ folder

    * Bundled Product Title
    <h2 class="bundled_product_title product_title"><?php
    $title = get_the_title( $product->id );
    echo ( ( $custom_title !== '' ) ? $custom_title : $title ) . ( ( $quantity > 1 ) ? ' &times; '. $quantity : '' );
    <div class="product_meta">';
    <span itemprop="productID" class="sku_wrapper">SKU: <span class="sku"><?php echo $product->get_sku(); ?></span></span>

    Now the problem is that the theme, does not have that directory, I have tried creating the directory myself but it wouldn’t work.

    Example of regular product displaying SKU (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -rug/

    Example of bundle product NOT displaying SKU (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -bed/


    Hi SixStar281,

    No, the theme doesn’t have one so it would need to be added. See: . Make sure your folder is just woocommerce and then the file inside is in the single-product folder.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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