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    I have the following problem. On my site i have made a bikemodel page. When i click on a model i see al the colors. and info. Thats good.

    When i click on a specific color i go to the post, but i want it directly going to the enlarged view. How can i do that? Please help.


    Hi helenajz,

    I’m not able to pull up the page you provided a link for. Is it currently down?


    Strange, no it isnt down. maybe if you go threw the following: > Models> choose a type > then choose a color, and it shows the same image where you can click on the enlarged view. But it would be easier and more logical if i could skip that step. and go direct to enlarged view.


    I think what you might want to try, is instead of having the “Type” link to a category for Color, make a new portfolio page for each color.

    Under Portfolio in the theme admin, click on the little green +. Then select the color category you want and assign it to that type & color’s page. So you’ll end up with a top level portfolio for all the Models, then a portfolio for each Model+color combination.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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