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    Hi my site is not working proper on chrome or safari… actually just with some parts of it… is it something i´m setting wrong in the cache plugin? im also having porblems with the WPML plugin everytime i activate it all stays “white”… allready in contact with their support.

    here is a link for example, (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -mts/





    I checked your site using chrome, safari and firefox and it’s not functioning in all those browsers and the slider is only showing the rotating icon. I think this is caused by conflict in some of the plugins you have installed and activated. Kindly deactivate all the plugins and re-activate them one-by-one, just to check what plugin is causing the conflict(besides the wpml plugin that you have mentioned).




    Hi Ismael, the pluging causing the proble si wp super cache… what should i do to run it?


    Hi hectortarifa,

    Actually I don’t know how to resolve this plugin conflict, I’ll tag kriesi, so he will be informed about this issue. :)




    Ok Ismael, i see you guys recommend w3 total cache, is there a tutorial how to set it up, 1st for begginers, and 2nd that work best with propulsion?

    Thanks again.



    It depends on your plugins/setup. You can try to use the “auto” minify option – if it works you just need to use the standard configuration (tick page, object, minify and browser cache to turn them on). If the “auto” minify feature breaks your website you need to use the manual/custom mode.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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