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    Might not be exactly a bug, but it seems to me that it is rather confusing for visitors and that there should be an option to change it.

    The default site search (header, standard sidebars) does not find products. So if a “normal” user, who usually will not comprehend the logic behind having to separate search indices on one site, searches for “ring blue” in the header search box, he will be told there is nothing like that on the site – and he will leave. Which of course is not the intended result.

    Is there any way to either

    – change the default search behaviour to include products and product attributes

    – make it possible to replace the internal search with a plugin like Relevanssi that enables a weighted search across all posts, pages, custom post types, etc.pp. Usually this works out of the box, but with Abundance the search seems to slightly different from “normal” WP installs, since standard search is still used even after Relevanssi is installed and set to active.




    I’d prefer a real solution, but as a quick fix for those who would like to use Relevanssi to get better search results for their visitors:

    – install Relevanssi

    – activate it

    – in the settings, tell it to index everything and be sure to include “product” as custom post type to index and any important product attributes under “custom taxonomies” (e.g. I have a product attribute called “Author”, so I have to include “pa_author” in the Relevanssi “custom taxonomies” field)

    – edit loop-search.php in the abundance/include folder or (better) add a copy of it to your child theme and comment out this line near the beginning:

    if(isset($avia_config[‘new_query’])) { query_posts($avia_config[‘new_query’]); }

    – done :)

    – your visitors now will find products along with pages and posts, and terms are even found if they are in a product attribute from WooCommerce. And if you have Relevanssi Premium, you can even weight search results by custom post type/taxonomy, so e.g. you can show your products always first in the searches, and relevant blog posts and pages will be weighted less and appear below them.



    To be honest I think that’s the only “real” solution because the standard wordpress search function doesn’t search/sort by word relevance or string relevance but by date – which is kind of useless if you want to get accurate search results. If you want a “professional” search query I’d use Relevanssi anyway. The standard wordpress search function often returns inappropriate search results or no results at all whereas Relevanssi can query complex words or string combinations.

    It was one of the first plugins I added to my recommendation list: (see WP-Search plugin(s) ).


    yep, misunderstanding – what I meant with “real solution” was that a store-theme like Abundance might want to include products in search results out of the box OR make it easier for us to use a search plugin without having to edit core files. ;-)

    But while we are at it: do you happen to use ThreeWP Ajax Search or any other live-search plugin in combination with Relevanssi and could tell me what settings to use for it so it works with Abundance? With the ThreeWP standard settings the header search box starts to show some ajaxy behaviour, but no search results, and the sidebar search widgets refuses to do anything “live” at all….


    I haven’t tested it with Kriesis themes yet – however I’ll look into it. Maybe I find a quick fix.


    I couldn’t get ThreeWP to work (not sure why because the ajax request itself returns the right results but the plugin doesn’t generate the result list) afterwards. However this plugin: works fine for me and is more versatile imho.


    Hey, thanks Dude! Did not know the Kau-Boy’s plug, looks nice and works well with Abundance.

    Only thing I could not figure out: how can I teach this one to use the Relevanssi search results? – seemingly it does not use the Relevanssi search index but looks in title/content via a standard WP search.

    That was the reason I tried the ThreeWP thingy, since the Relevanssi-author recommended it.

    If the autocompleter would use Relevanssis output and weighting, it would be the ideal solution imho…

    But maybe we find a way to get ThreeWP to work – at least it works perfectly with TwentyTen, so it is a theme compatibility thing.


    That’s something I don’t know. I guess it already uses the search results of Relevanssi (see changelog: and ) but I’m not entirely sure.

    ThreeWP doesn’t work with many themes (Thesis, Genesis, etc.) – it seems like it requires specific code which is included in TwentyEleven but not in other themes.

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