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    These are pre-sales questions for Replete.

    I have never created an eCommerce site before so please excuse me is these questions are obvious to answer.

    In the replete demo on the homepage there are expanding boxes, are these part of the design shortcodes or part of the eCommerce
    side? I would like to include shop categories in these boxes on the homepage which link to the product main category.

    Also, when you click on ‘Shop’ it takes you to a page with a full listing of products. Can this page (shop) be configured with the same boxes but again be shop category links.

    Also, does Replete have any Spanish translation files?

    Thanks in advance



    Hi awilson3rd!

    1.) The expanding boxes are made using the Product Slider available on the Template Builder. You can only display the actual products on a specific category but not the category itself.

    2.) Yes, you can create a custom shop page using the Template Builder or the available Woocommerce shortcodes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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