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    Difficult to describe, but if you pull up in IE9, it’s a little funky. Help?



    Please add another image to the carousel slider. Probably this will solve the display/styling error.




    Alright, so adding another photo fixed that problem, but now I’m missing text in the three boxes at the bottom of the page (the title portion of each box)– only appears to be an issue in IE (works in Firefox).

    Also, image slider worked when I first added another photo, but then stopped working shortly after (I didn’t even make other changes, just reloaded the page)… ideas?



    I checked your website in IE9 and Firefox and are seeing the same issues in both. Do you have any plugins installed?




    I only have AVH Extended Categories Widget and Floating Social Media Icon activated. Both were already activated when I first added an additional photo to the slider (and it did it’s rotation at first).

    The text in the bottom three boxes on the home page appears to work fine in Firefox for me (I can see the headings for each box in Firefox, but not in IE9).


    I should note that I already attempted to de-activate the plugins I have running and neither solved the problems.


    Also on the image slider– if I change to the big image slider, the images change every 4 seconds as I have it set. But in the levitation slider, they don’t rotate at all.



    Your logo is missing ->

    And I also see the cufon titles missing here as well as on the demo site. I think this issue may be due to one of the recent WordPress core updates.

    Please hang on, we are looking at how best to resolve this.




    The logo is missing intentionally– I’m working on having one created, and didn’t want the Levitation logo up there in the interim. Would that cause the slider to not work properly? (Again, if I switch to big image slider, it works properly. Only the levitation slider will not work).

    And yes, Cufon titles appear to be missing across the bottom and on each page (only in IE9, work fine in FireFox).



    Normally I would say no, that a missing logo is not the issue, but for some reason the logo on the demo site for the Theme is also missing, and just to rule this out as a possible cause, perhaps its a good idea to even stick a 1×1 transparent pixel in there for now, because my console shows that as an error.




    Ok- put up a transparent (white) logo file. Doesn’t seem to have changed anything, unfortunately (either on the IE9 side issues, or on the levitation slider issue).



    Ok. Lets update the cufon. Please make a backup of the file cufon.js that is located in the /js/ directory off the root of the theme. Then delete everything inside the file and copy the content of this url ( …(click control-a to select it all, control-c copy) and paste it all into the empty cufon.js file and save.

    Your titles should have returned when you reload the page. Then we will see how the slider takes it.




    That fixed the cufon titles, thanks!

    Slider still not functional, however.



    Would you please make a backup of and then replace your jquery.prettyPhoto.js in directory /prettyPhoto/js/ with the code from here. (

    Sorry, but I am just testing here, and best way to do this, is to make your site more inline with the one that works, and go from there.




    Gave that a shot, didn’t do the trick, unfortunately.



    I’ve set it up again on my local server and everything works fine. This makes me believe that there is a mistake in your setup. Please get 3 images of any size , for convenience , less than 500px.

    In the back-end, please click the Media button, and upload the 3 images, saving them. please make sure to copy down all three full urls. Now please click on Posts, and Add Category.

    Please create a category called test, with the slug of test also. Now please add New Page, select the category you just made, add a title and a sentence, and then there are three text boxes below, paste the url to the first image into the middle box, (see image

    Please repeat this process for all three pages. Then click on the Levitation Options > Main Page Options, and select your category Test, and make sure to put auto rotation on, and refresh the home page, If again nothing works, then the problem is in your WordPress install or your plugins, and my recommendation would be to do a clean re-install.




    Well, I had it set up right, but for whatever reason, having fewer than 3 images broke it. I added another image, and the slider started working. Amazing :) Thanks for your help Nick.



    Glad Nick helped you. :)



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