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    I love this design. Thank you.

    I have the frontpage setup properly, but I would like my Tournament page to have a single sidebar, instead of the double sidebar I have setup for the rest. How can this be done? is my frontpage is where I need a larger main space for content and 1 less sidebar. I don’t want the new single sidebar to be the same size as a double sidebar. I want it to be the same size as if there was two.

    Thank you



    you can use conditional tags: to add a fullwidth sidebar to certain pages. Open up sidebar.php and after following line:

    if($k_option['includes']['sidebarCount'] != 2) $sidebarSize = ' fullwidth_sidebar';

    add this code:

    if(is_page('page_id')) { $sidebarSize = ' fullwidth_sidebar';}

    instead of page_id insert the id of your Tournament page


    Well that worked, thanks, but it made the Sidebar just as wide as the double sidebar. I’d like to use the extra space for increased MAIN content use… not single sidebar use. How do I make this sidebar the width of a “single” double sidebar?



    You can adjust the main content area and sidebar widths by adding this to the end of style.css. Please note this is specific to your “calendar” page you referenced above and is not a “fix all” solution. If you change the page ID you will need to update page-id-10 (look at the page source and look for a similar class added to the body tag).

    .page-id-10 #content, .page-id-10 .entry-no-pic .entry-content { width: 770px !important }
    .page-id-10 .fullwidth_sidebar { width: 150px !important; }

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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