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    How do I take the Single product title

    1. Above the full width image slider (right now as default it appears below the shopping cart as in the demo site)

    2. Retain it where it is and also make it appear above the full width image slider.


    How do I take the Single product title above the full width image slider



    To center please add to Quick CSS in the Propulsion Theme Options > Stylin

    .product h3{text-align:center}

    Regarding your other questions, would you please post which URL you are referring to. I just want to make sure I am giving you correct information.


    Thank you Nick.

    The site is being developed offline. This is what i want to achieve. Shift the product name above the full slider. I have posted the screen grab of what is needed here.

    Thanks for the help.



    1. if you want to remove the title from showing in the current location below the slide you can do it via css by pasting the code below into the Quick CSS in Propulsion Theme Option under the Styles tab.

    .post-title.portfolio-single-post-title {display: none;}

    2. As for placing the title above the slider, this may be a possible bug with the full page slider. If you select a different slider for now, the title will be automatically on top. I will make sure Kriesi gets the message, and meanwhile I will see if there is a work around you could use in the interim.




    Thank you Nick for the code to remove the title from the current location. But the title will have to be placed somewhere:) Waiting for the work around.

    Alternatively, how can the title be placed above the Add to Cart area. My Add to cart will have several customizing fields which will push the title far below the visible screen.



    I am sorry. I wrote below the code in my previous message that this may be a bug and I made Kriesi aware of the situation. Please hang on. For now you can use a different slider, and the title will automatically be on top where you want it.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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