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    On Propulsion. I’ve read through all the posts about this. I’ve changed the dimensions of all the photos to be 445 x 500. I changed the woocommerce image settings to be 445 x 500 and I changed the woocommerce-config file to be 445 x 500. I’m confused as to why the single product image is still 290 x 218. It is all cut off and looks terrible! See for yourself at . Can someone please tell me where the 290 x 218 dimensions are coming from? Thank you in advance!





    It is wrapped inside a container with 290x218px dimension. The real thumbnail is 445×500 if you set is so. Once you click it and the lightbox pops up the real size of the thumbnail will show up.

    You can add a custom.css like this and notice that the image will inherit its size. This might break the layout.

    .container .four.units.prev_image_container {
    width: 425px;




    Thank you for your response Ismael.


    Did that fix your problem Tomanow?




    I’m still trying to figure out how to do it without breaking the layout. There has to be another way. Please let me know I’m comfortable with advanced options.


    Hi Tomanow,

    Try to post a link to your site, specifically the page affected to the code above. So, we can check your site further and might help you adjust it. :)




    It is cropping the image at 445 x 335 so even if I adjust the height it just stretches the cropped image. Check out any of the products at

    Thanks for the support!


    Ultimately I just don’t want the top and bottom of the image cut off!


    Ah I found the solution! It is line 40 in propulsion/functions.php . After changing to the height of my images, I regenerated the thumbnails and everything is working beautifully.


    Hi Tomanow,

    Glad that you have fixed it. :)



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