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    I need to modify my single product page to display a single price field for all variations. Furthermore, I need to display this single price field above the variation selection boxes.

    Could you please direct me as to how to make these 2 changes.

    Thank you.




    After digging around a bit I now see that this may be a larger problem than I first realized.

    It seems that if you activate variable products, not only does the ability to set a single price for all variations disappear from the admin page, but also the “add to bag” and product price disappear from all the product scrollers, related items and upsells sections.

    This makes sense because if a product is variable, I’m guessing the system doesn’t know which variation to “add to the bag” until the user first selects a variation from the single product page. Also, the product scrollers don’t know which price to display because the system allows for different prices for each variation.


    The logical thing would be for there to be a setting in the Admin interface where you can set the product pricing as either a single price for all variations or a different price for each variation. Please tell me such a setting exists and that I just haven’t discovered it yet. :-)



    No, I haven’t found such an option yet. However you can try to use a “grouped product” instead – this product type allows you to display several single products on one product page.

    Best regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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