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    Got flashlight, works great.

    Got simple:press, which I like; however, the forum tools and other kinds of javascript popups in this plugin are behind the main container, and maybe even behind something else. Emailed to simple:press, they said most likely it’s a z-index issue,
    suggested to use this: #spMainContainer a.spToolsButton (it didn’t work when put into quick css)

    In the thread about suggested plugins, simple:press was mentioned as a good plugin for your themes, so maybe you’ve encountered this before, is this fixable with quick css or something else? please help

    also, what do you use for support forum here, is it a plugin?


    Hey poisy!

    Can you please give us a link to the website? We need to inspect it.

    Best regards,


    It’s currently on localhost,
    was trying to put it up, but having difficulties, will give link once it’s up

    what happens when you try this plugin with flashlight? you don’t have this problem?



    We use bbpress for our support forum. I didn’t test simplepress with flashlight yet. Please try to get your website online and we’ll debug the issue first hand on your website afterwards.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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