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    Hello again Kriesi, Dude and others,

    Can you please tell me if the “simple breadcrumb” plugin by Kriesi is still availeble, the link is broken on your site. I want to have breadcrumbs in Broadscope but all the other plugins seem to be too big or to slow the whole installation.



    I’ll mail Kriesi about the plugin, meanwhile you can try this topic.


    Thanks, i’ve tried that one before but it didn’t work (might be because I’m a bit of a newby and don’t know about programming, so I wait for your (or Kriesi’s) answer.



    copy this class into your functions.php file:

    you can then create a new breadcrumb by creating a new object in your php code: new avia_breadcrumb();

    if thats too much coding then unfortunately I think you will need a 3rd party plugin ;)




    Hello Christian, thanks for your fast answer.

    Can you tell me if this is the plugin that you have on your site?

    One other thing, I understand the first part of your answer, the second part (you can then create a new breadcrumb by creating a new object in your php code: new avia_breadcrumb();) is not clear to me , can you please tell me where to put this and if any further coding will be needed?





    just insert:

    new avia_breadcrumb();

    anywhere in your header.php file (where you’d like to place the breacrumb. One popular plugin is:


    Thanks for the answer,

    Actually I don’t want to work with a plugin and just added the php-code that Christian stated in this tread, I inserted it in the functions php-file and also inserted the code you provided in the header php-file but then get the next error message and no site showing:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in /home/aang002/domains/ on line 61


    One other thing, after deleting the things I just mentioned, the site now does work but has a little “hickup” on pageloading where it looks like the cufonfonts are loading slower then the content.


    bump. I get the same error.


    Y isn’t anyone replying to unresolved queries asked weeks before (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -a-ruckus


    only using


    new avia_breadcrumb();


    in the header and completely avoiding (due to the error) the step in to paste that huge code in functions.pho seemed to work, but now the breadcrumb says YOU ARE HERE. Any ideas?

    Any ideas how to get kriesi’s code to work too?


    Hi All,

    I’m going to lock this thread as I’m not sure what is and is not still supported by Kriesi’s original code and I don’t want others to continue to get confused or errors from using it.



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