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    Occasionally with Firefox 4 (and consistently with Mobile Safari), I’ll be able to slide the home page to the right to expose the hidden slides: Can anyone can reproduce this issue besides me?


    @ Jason Pelker:

    I can reproduce this issue on my Iphone when viewing the link you posted ( )(running mobile Safari & iOS 4.3.3). As a note, I can only reproduce this issue AFTER the first slide has rotated out, leading me to believe it’s a slider issue.

    I also notice a similar issue on the main demo site ( ) after the third slider has passed (The large image of hot air ballons)… The site goes completely dark. I mentioned this 3 days ago in another forum and The Dude said he was reporting this to Kriesi as a possible bug to get fixed. Hopefuly Kriesi abides.


    Yes I have this issue as well using Safari.



    We are aware of this issue, I reported this to Kriesi on Monday so hopefully a fix is in the works.

    This will likely result in an update to the theme shortly so watch this space…


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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