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    Hi. In an attempt to create sidebars I have used the workaround of dividing the page into columns and using a 1/3 column to create a “sidebar”. However, I dont think this is the most effective method, mostly because right now I would like to see that nice fading division that comes up when you create a sidebar with a parent, etc. in Pages. So, how can I create sidebars for widgets, etc. that will allow me to have that fading divide? And be the proper way…

    Also, and related, how can I add padding between the widgets, etc. in a “sidebar”.



    Hi sgshapiro,

    On regular pages you can choose the right sidebar or left sidebar layout in the Layout meta box. In the template builder, you can choose a right/left/full width layout at the top of the template editor. Some layouts have had reported issues but for the most part, that would be how you create layouts with sidebars.




    that does the trick, thanks. and is pretty simple; however, as noted in another thread, the sidebar appears at the bottom. in the predefined templates the sidebar comes out just fine, but i can’t figure out what im doing differently in my templates. where are the predefined templates stored? maybe i could look at those and copy them to try and make it work…


    The templates aren’t created by a page template but are instead done dynamically based on the settings for that page. If you could post your layout in that other thread, hopefully Kriesi can address them soon and get the template builder fixed up in Incarnation to support the layouts that are having issues.




    ok. i understand, mostly. i posted on the other thread with all the relevant, i think, info.


    Thanks sgshapiro, I’ve emailed Kriesi and hopefully we’ll get an update on a fix asap.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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