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    How do I change the sidebar width so it can contain the new standard 300 px wide banners (250 px is not used as much these days)? I still need the layout to be rendered properly in all browsers including mobile devices when the theme is in responsive mode. As the sidebar width increase the content area should become narrower.

    Would also like to know how to insert a divider in-between the blog posts.

    I’ve asked the same questions in the Flagship forum and I’m currently waiting for a solution for that theme. If you can provide a solution for Choices, I’ll buy that theme too.



    Hi dblomster,

    As I said in the other post for Flagship the sidebar and content areas use a grid framework so messing with that tends to cause a lot of issues. Ismael provides the basics for it in your other topic but it isn’t something we can walk you through as then fixing all the various issues that pop up is a bit beyond what we can offer via support.

    Kriesi is quite fond of the current grid system he uses and it is built into the avia framework at this point but I’ll suggest the issues to him.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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