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    Hi! I want to define some customized widgets for 3 categories of posts in my website. I have selected the extra categories in the sidebar & footer menu in order to activate the extra widgets but, when I customize it in the widgets wordpress menu, they don’t show in the sidebar… any advice about it? I have tried to add many widges like simple text, a photo… but nothing works

    By categories I mean the archives of WordPress… In the menu configuration I’m adding the 3 tab categories but the widgets are not appearing




    Did you select a category on “Extra Widget Areas for specific Categories” then save it properly?

    What version of WP do you have?




    Hi Ismael,

    Of course I did it…I use WP 3.4.2. The point is that, if I create a random page and assing it to a category, the widgets are shown properly but I don’t want this. I want to load the widgets in the post category page linked in Appearance -> Menu. Do you understand me?

    Thanks buddy


    Hi jonafib,

    Can you provide an example page you’ve tried adding custom widgets to that isn’t working? I’m not quite clear on what isn’t happening.

    In order to add a custom widget area to a page you have to define in the theme options menu Sidebar & Footer. There, you can either assign widget areas to either a specific page or a specific category.

    Your custom set up in Appearace>Menus has nothing to do with the themes ability to add widgets anywhere.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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