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    I’m using Version 1.2.2: (03.26.2010 of Newscast and was successfully using the great feature in your theme which allows to control sidebar in individual pages and categories until recently. I upgraded to WP 3.1.1. and all my page and category specific sidebars have disappeared. When I look at the Appearance/Widget page where I configure widgets (/wp-admin/widgets.php), only the general ones are there along the right hand side. There are a pile of Inactive widgets that been previously associated with various pages and categories.

    The page where I can configured which pages and categories should have sidebars (/wp-admin/options.php?page=sidebar_footer.php) looks fine: …. same as before). I even tried adding and deleting from this list to no avail.

    I would be ok to update the theme but since I changed some of the CSS, I have to be careful not to erase/overwrite those files. I’ve been battling with this problem for many weeks and need your help. I can provide you access as necessary.


    Hi Isfan,

    Looking through the update history quite a few files have been altered since 1.2.2 so it won’t be a simple process in comparing your modified theme files and what has been changed since your versions release.

    I’m not really able to say what will happen if you just apply the most recent update to your theme now. If you have access to a testing server either locally or with your host I would recommend trying to update the Newscast theme in the test environment and just taking a look at what is still working and what you would potentially have to redo/fix.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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