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    I am having some problems with the sidebar on the newscast 4-1 theme. I am trying to have unique text display in the left sidebar on the homepage and on very category page. It was working at first, bu then I noticed some problems with getting duplicate text on nested categories. So I was making changes and unnesting categories and I ended up deleting some categories and now one of my categories descriptions is showing up on the homepage of my site, and none of the changes I make to the sidebars show up anymore, except for the homepage sidebar. It mentions in the settings that if you delete pages from the end, it could cause problems and to read the documentation, but I can’t find he documentation it is talking about. How would I fix this problem?



    Can you give us a link to your website?




    As you can see, the family and pets description is on the homepage underneath the homepage description, yet each of those text blocks is in its own widget and shouldn’t be like that.


    Hi imsllc,

    It sounds like you are going to need to remove the widget areas you have created (the custom sidebars) completely and re-do them. What happens with widgets and wordpress is that they can get a bit broken when removing a widget area that isn’t at the end because they are stored as a list. So when that list has an item removed from the middle, the ones below adjust upwards and can then move some widget content with them but not all.

    So removing your widget areas and then re-doing them should fix the issue.




    Hi Devin,

    I went back and removed all of the custom widget areas and tried adding them again and I am still getting the same errors, in that the text is not showing up on the appropriate categories. I even tried adding them back in and adding text to them one by one but that didn’t work either. When I added in only the family & pets category custom widget, the text would still show up on the home page underneath the main text.


    Maybe I’m just not understanding the issue then. Do you have custom sidebars set up for different pages or are you just trying to make specific widgets only show on certain pages?

    You may need to use a plugin like if you want to keep specific widgets from showing on certain pages as the theme doesn’t really support marking only certain widgets for display on specific pages.


    That plugin might work, but I feel as if I shouldn’t need it since it was doing what I wanted it to do at first, this problem seems like an error to me. The error isn’t on “pages” but “categories”. On each category page, in the sidebar I want in the sidebar some text pertaining to that page, just like how it looks on the homepage. Everything was working fine and I was able to add text until I made changes and added categories and deleted some. Now, if I add back in category widgets in the “Extra Widget Areas for specific Categories” section, only some of them work, and if I add anything in the Family & Pets widget area, despite what order it is added back in, that text shows up on the homepage as well and I know it is not supposed to.

    If you would like, I could email you some login credentials and you could see the error work for yourself. Maybe that would help you understand?


    You would be best served to just use the widget logic plugin as the sidebar support/customization for specific pages/categories and content is pretty limited.

    There could also be another plugin or setting already conflicting with the theme code which would explain the sudden change and it not working correctly.


    Well, I believe I have isolated the problem further and found a makeshift fix for it. I hadn’t installed any plugins recently that would have conflicted and caused this problem, but what I did do was allow a user to submit their own guest post. That post was the most recent thing on our blogroll and no matter what I did, it would pull the description from that category. Even with the widget you suggested, the problem remained. The way I fixed it was jut by uploading a new post in front of that one. Once I did that, the description went away from the homepage. I still have no idea why that gust post in particular pulled the description onto the home page. When I tried to replicate the problem by uploading my own guest post under a contributor account, nothing happened. I’m just going to chalk this up as a fluke error with that guest post and hope it doesn’t come up again.

    As far as the category specific text not showing up on certain categories, I noticed that it only happened on categories that didn’t have any posts in them yet, and once they had a post in them, the content would show up in the sidebar. Again, even with the widget you suggested, the content wouldn’t show up without posts in that category. Is there a fix for this? If not, it’s not a big deal. I just thought you might like to know the progress.


    I’m sorry but I was wrong in what I said earlier, adding a new post does not fix the problem. For every new post I add, it pulls the category text on to the home page. Even with widget logic activated and the logic set to in_category(‘xxxx’), it will still show up on the home page.



    If I understand correctly, you want this area “Featured: The Green Living Blog” remove?




    Yes, I would like it removed from the home page, but not the Green Living category page. At the moment, whatever category I uploaded the last blog post to, the theme copies the text within that categories’ sidebar and places it under the static text on the homepage.



    Sorry, Why don’t you exclude that category from Newscast Options > Main Page Options ? There is an option to exclude any category(ies) from the home page. This way there wont be a slider panel created.




    Excluding the category did nothing. It removed the post from the front page but the sidebar text was still present. Luckily though, I isolated the problem and the solution. The solution lies in the “Display Widget areas for categories on posts of that category as well” section. I had it checked “yes” so that the text would show on the additional posts as well, but that was the cause of the sidebar text showing up on the homepage. Once I checked “no” the problem disappeared.



    Glad you fixed it.



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