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    Hi, I’ve a problem with the sidebar blog page of my website. The sidebar appears at the bottom of the page and not at the side. Please look http://www.larin.it/royal/blog/


    can anyone help me please?


    Hi ,

    Looking at your grid.css (in line 34), I think you have modified it to this:

    .container .four.units {
    width: 900px;

    which should be:

    .container .four.units {
    width: 290px;

    And the : .container .eight.units, the left margin is changed from 30px to 19%. Just do the changes, and it should be fine. :)




    Thanks Ismael, I’ve made the change you write me but I still have the problem… :-( What can I try?


    Hi larincommunication,

    I’m not seeing the theme loaded when I visit: http://www.larin.it/royal/blog/. Are you able to re-load the them on there or is the url different?




    Hi Devin, I’ve a problem with WMPL that has broken the permalink structure.. .ARGGGG!! :) you find the page here: http://www.larin.it/royal/?page_id=31


    I believe the issue is you added a margin left to your grid eight.units. You need to remove the margin in grid.css on this line:

    .container .eight.units { width: 610px; margin-left: 30%;}

    I don’t ever recommend editing the grid or layout css files as they are used sitewide and things like this can happen. Instead, try creating page specific rules that overwrite the grids if you need to. You can target each page by using:


    If you use Firebug for Firefox or Chrome/Safari’s inspect tools you can see which specific page class you want to target for the #top ID and then use that to start out your grid class changes.





Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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