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    I’m happy with the Flashlight theme.

    I would like to have a side bar on the right only for a specific page.

    It seems if I specify a page for a widget area, the widgets wind up on the left sidebar.

    If I specify a default right sidebar the widgets of interest appear on the right sidebar for the page specified, however all other pages now get a right sidebar with a some default (unwanted) widgets.

    What am I missing?





    I reported it to Kriesi. I’m not sure if it’s an intended behaviour or a limitation by design, etc.


    I had this problem as well – in the code I forget what line, but I can find it – basically it pulls the right sidebar content into the left content sidebard which is displayed everywhere. After I deleted that line of code – I had two separate sidebars. I’ll dig up the file and code that specifically speaks to that.


    here are the lines of code from sidebar.php that puts the widgets intended for your right sidebar in your Left Sidebar:

    // general page sidebars

    if ($avia_config == ‘page’ && dynamic_sidebar(‘Sidebar Page’) ) : $default_sidebar = false; endif;

    $custom_widget_area = avia_check_custom_widget(‘page’);


    I have this problem too…

    what can i do?



    I would really appreciate if somebody can explain us how to choose when widgets must be shown in right or left sidebar. I’m experiencing the same as prapsaru.




    still waiting… i can’t publish my site until the problem is solved…



    I’ll check again with Kriesi if he received Dude’s notice.


    do we have news?

    or if Kriesi doesn’t answer, is there a way to have a right sidebar only for the blog?




    Sorry, but i’ma customer, as every other…

    We bought the product and we’d like to receive answer, especially to thing that appear as a bug…



    I third this!!!! This needs to be fixed. I am having a terrible time trying to make the widgets and side bars work properly. The complete sidebar function MUST BE reworked for the theme to work with any sense of reason.

    Thanks for your support, but this is very frustrating.



    Hey! I ve now had time to look into the issue more closely.

    Unfortunately this is a limitation by design at the moment. If you need a custom right sidebar for specific pages I recommend to do the following:

    Lets say you have a page called “Welcome” and you want it to have a custom right sidebar: first of all add the new widget area for this page in Flashlight Theme Options -> Sidebar.

    Then open your widget settings at appearance -> widgets: you will notice that you now got a new widget area for the welcome page. however if you add a widget to the area it will always display at the left side.

    If you want it to appear on the right add the following code to your to sidebar.php line 18:

    $nowidgets_left = true;

    if you would want to do the same for several pages (eg: sample Page, Contact and This is so cool) the code would look like this:

    if(is_page('welcome') || is_page('sample-page') || is_page('contact') || is_page('this-is-so-cool') )
    $nowidgets_left = true;

    At the moment this unfortunately needs to be hard coded. I will look for a better way to introduce that feature into the theme with an update.

    Best regards


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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