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    Couple of questions in regards to the abundance theme.

    1. Sidebar on Product pages

    I know there have been many posts on this topic, and I have tried adding the following code to my custom css with no luck.

    .container .clear {

    clear: none !important;


    Sidebar is still sitting to the left rather than right and below the product information. Any help would be appreciated.

    Link to page –

    2. Product images

    Is it possible to have the product image sit above the product information, similar to the flashlight theme?


    Hi spacebunyip,

    I’m not sure how to do that customization since the customization would require more on changing the html structure of the woocommerce plugin “single-product” template. I’ll be tagging the rest of the support, to check this thread.





    1) Please set the sidebar in the backend Abundance > Theme Options > Layout & Settings as ‘right sidebar’ to have it show up on the right. Your code shows your sidebar currently is set as a ‘left-sidebar’.

    2) It is possible to make that modification but would require substantial rearrangement of the WooCommerce plugin code in multiple pages. (if i understand what you are asking correctly. Perhaps you could show me a url of the page you want to emulate so i can get a better idea).




    Thanks Nick,

    1. Have double and triple checked the Theme Layout settings and it is definitely set to big image RIGHT sidebar. Have even tested having no sidebar and it still shows up on the left.

    2. While having formatting issues on this page (still waiting on a response to a thread I created under the Flashlight theme section) I like the horizontal image about the description. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /. All of the products are wine bottles so a horizontal image works well for both the catalogue page and the single product page.




    In this theme unfortunately the product page template doesn’t have a right sidebar. Its possible to add it, if the image of the wine bottle is moved to where you want it on top horizontally. However after looking at the code it would require significant modification and partial re-coding of multiple templates and helper files in the WooCommerce plugin. In my opinion this is outside the scope of the support team. Your best bet is to hire a WordPress freelancer who would be able to rebuilt the template as you see fit.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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