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    I see from a previous post Widgets cant be added to the post areas… But is it possible to create a sidebar/widget ready area above or below the Post Section on the Home page? Keeping and using the 3 post sections, just adding areas to the page? If so, please can you direct me to the section in the code I’d need to edit? I know how to add extra sidebars but am having no luck with this task.

    Thanks Dude…


    Been trying to find a fix for my problem – found some instructions on here ref: creating extra post areas on the Home Page, this would get around the lack of widget areas if my post above cant be done. I’ve managed to create an extra post area, full width below the current 3, but need to shuffle it above like this mock up. please can you help? Without some sort of fix I’m gonna have to buy another theme and start again, really need this extra space on the Home Page

    Thanks in advance..




    sorry for answering so late. To create an extra post area is possible by editing index.php. Just replace “3” in following code with the number of post areas you want to create:

    $query_string .= "&showposts=3";

    Then you need to add the width of your content boxes to style.css – adjust the width based on the number of your content box. I.e. the fourth content box can be changed by following code:

    #top .box4{
    width: 300px !important;


    Thanks Dude…

    OK this is where I’m at clearly getting there although I know I’ve done the CSS wrong. We need the bottom 3 to be all lined up nice like the theme is presented, at this stage there will be much excitement Bought another theme today, been messing about with it as it does what I need, but really dont want the hassle of changing it all about!

    Thanks again


    Please remove the clearboth code:

    <div class="clearboth"></div>

    The boxes should be displayed side by side afterwards.


    This worked, thanks, although Box 3 and 4 are now squished together. I tried the notice fix of adding padding and or margins to separate them, but this just pushed Box 4 underneath the others. I know there is an easy fit, I guess some code needs to be popped on the end of the Info Box CSS? Any ideas what to add and where?

    Thanks again Dude…. So close to a solution on this



    add following attributes to your .box4 style code.

    margin-left: 30px;
    margin-right: 0px !important;


    Sorted, thank you


    Glad that I could help you :)

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