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    Hello !

    the right sidebar on my homepage has disappeared when I’ve changed the value

    Layout and settings > Slideshow behavior on overview pages

    Of course, the value of Layout and settings > Default Blog Layout is right sidebar.

    I tried to change a lot of things but nothing to do…Tried to deal with :

    – menus (create a static frontpage and a blog page, it works but I need to have the blog page in home)

    – change widgets, etc…

    – create a child theme

    – …

    The problem seems to be in file template-blog.php, at the end the function get_sidebar(); returns nothing…

    My site : https://www.potsky.com


    Something I notice :

    – Blog on home page is full width and does not have the sidebar

    – Blog for category Info is OK, it has the sidebar https://www.potsky.com/category/info/

    – Blog for category Life is not OK, it has the sidebar but it is empty ! https://www.potsky.com/category/life/

    Widget in the sidebar are set in the “Apparence>Widget>Sidebar Blog” panel.

    Help !


    Now i tried to add widgets for categories Life and Info, then I removed them and… no more sidebar anywhere !

    Is it possible to fix this in mysql directly ?


    Adding widget in “Displayed Everywhere” does not change anything.

    In sidebar.php :

    if(strpos($sidebar_pos, 'sidebar_left') !== false) $sidebars_to_show = array('left');
    if(strpos($sidebar_pos, 'sidebar_right') !== false) $sidebars_to_show = array('right');
    if(strpos($sidebar_pos, 'dual-sidebar') !== false) $sidebars_to_show = array('left','right');

    returns fullsize instead of sidebar_right

    In helper-template-logic.php :

    * avia_layout_class(‘main’) calls

    * avia_fetch_layout_array(), which calls

    * avia_post_meta(‘blog_layout’,’layout’) which returns full-size


    Ok, I understand. All my posts have Layout set to Fullsize.

    If at least one post have Layout set to Fullsize, the blog list is set on fullsize !

    But I would like to have all posts set to fullsize and the list with a right sidebar.

    How is it possible to achieve this ?


    Hi potsky,

    I believe the blog layout will always display the page layout by the most recent blog post layout. If that is the behavior you are seeing, then it would correspond to the last time I dug into this.

    If you want to have a single post type have a specific layout, you can just set that post type to the layout whenever you create the post.




    Thank you very much for your reply. This is unfortunately not the behavior.

    Here is a sumup of my setup :

    – The “Default Blog Layout” of Choice theme is set to “right sidebar”

    – I set the layout in each of my posts to “full-size (no sidebar)”

    The consequence is that the list is displayed in “fullsize” without any sidebar anymore.

    In fact, if at least one post in the list is set with “full-size (no sidebar)” then the list is full-sized.

    To test this, I set 2 consecutive posts with “use global default” templates and I set “Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most” at 2.

    When both posts are displayed in the same index page, the list has a right sidebar.

    When posts are not displayed in the same page they are with an other full-sized post and there is no more sidebar.

    Here is a goal :

    – The post list with a right-sidebar

    – Posts with the right-sidebar or full-sized

    Is there a setting to reach this goal or do I have to override some php in my child-theme ?

    ps : I could perhaps change avia_post_meta('blog_layout','layout') to always return “side_right” if “is_single()” is “false” ?



    Please create me a wordpress admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out)

    I’d like to debug the error and check the content of $avia_config.




    Done !


    Fixed. The issue only occurs if no frontpage template is set. I had to replace following code in includes/helper-template-logic.php

    if($post_id && $new = avia_post_meta($post_id, 'layout'))


    $frontpage = avia_get_option('frontpage');
    $default_blog = ((is_home() || is_front_page()) && empty($frontpage) && $post_type == 'blog_layout') ? true : false;

    $new = avia_post_meta($post_id, 'layout');

    if($post_id && !empty($new) && !$default_blog)

    I’ll report the issue + fix to Kriesi.

    Kind regards,



    Thank you, it works !

    You added

    $avia_config = 'blog';



    in file template-blog.php.



    Yes, you can delete it. I used this code for debugging.

    Best regards,


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