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    I’ve used the template builder to set my frontpage ( I’m using a slideshow on top, and then portfolio.

    I’d like to make the portfolio list out three colums of portfolio items, and have a right sidebar where I can have adds. It seems impossible to get that to work…

    I’ve tried these options with no luck so far:

    1) Made a new dynamic template that had the slideshow on top and then used Colums as the next object.

    I set the Dynamic Template Page Layout to use “Right sidebar”.

    In the columns menu I chose a two column layout where the first column was set to 75% and to show the portfolio page. The second column was set to 25% and to show a page I called annonser (adds).

    When I use this template, the right column shows up fine with the “annonser” page, but the portfolio page only lists a blank page with the heading “Portfolio” in the left column.

    2) I then went back to try having the template show a slideshow on top and then portfolio next, and no sidebar.

    I set the portfolio page to use a right sidebar, and in the widget area I set that Sidebar Pages should use the “Eunoia Advertising Area”.

    Under portfolio in the Theme Options, I set Portfolio Columns to 3.

    The frontpage now shows the three columns of portfolio items, but no sidebar..

    Any thoughts on what I might do to have the frontpage show a right sidebar beside the portfolio items listed there?



    First things first, are you using the Frontpage template on the Template Builder? If so, please edit it then choose “right sidebar” or “left sidebar” on Dynamic Template Page Layout.




    Yes, I’m using a dynamic template, which is done via the template builder. As explained I set the Dynamic Template Page Layout to use “Right sidebar”…


    Im having the same problem. I’d like to have the portfolio with a right or left sidebar. Whenever ‘Portfolio’ is added to the template builder the portfolio is always full width. – see as an example. The side bar is there but falls beneath the portfolio. Any ideas? many thanks



    Yes, That might be a bug. Please hang on.




    Hi Nick.

    cool, keep me posted.




    Hi All,

    I believe there isn’t actually support for the sidebar on Portfolio pages. In version 1.1 the options were removes with the notes in the version.rtf:

    file: taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php : removed the sidebar
    file: includes/admin/register-admin-options.php: modified settings for portfolios (removed the obsolte sidebar setting)

    Sorry for the confusion but it doesn’t look like there is any way to get a portfolio with a sidebar without customizing the theme files quite a bit.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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