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    In the comment area at themeforest I asked about the possibility to have third or even fourth level menu items supported in the sidebar menu.

    The answer was, that this is already possible. Now I installed and here a third level menu item is shown above its parent second level item and doesn´t get any additional indentation or other styling. Could you please help me to get third or even fourth level menu items in the sidebar.

    Thanks, Bernhard


    Can anyone help with this?


    Forget about the problem above. Now I managed to get the third/fourth level menu items. They are indeed correctly indented. :-)

    One more thing is: How can I prevent third/fourth level menu items from showing up, unless the parent second level item is active? Now all level menu items are always visible, which extends the sidebar menu very much. Any idea?



    Can you give us a link on your website? I’m honestly not sure what is the third/fourth level sidebar menu that you added.




    Trying to explain: Make a new page and give it a menu item, then make it a subpage of another page and change the menu accoding. This results in a second level menu item in the sidebar menu. If you make another page, make it a subpage of a subpage and do this in ther menu hierarchy as well, you will see a third level menu item in the sidebar menu. These sub- and subsub-items are indented correctly.

    A sidebar menu with a lot of items will take too much space. Therefor I want the subsub-items only to appear if the subpage item is active. Right now all menu items in the sidebar will show. How can I make it, that the children are only visible if the parent item is active?


    Hi hiegl,

    Unfortunately that would take a bit of re-writing the function for the sub menu which isn’t something we can do. What you could do however is turn off the sub menu in the theme options and then use a plugin to display sub menu pages in a format that you would like (as usually plugins for this have quite a bit more control).




    Thanks, I will have a look at the plugin directory. :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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