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    How did you make the sidebar menu on this page: http://kriesi.at/themes/upscale/why-this-theme/installing-the-theme/

    I want the pages under the FutureGlo (http://www.litrotechnologies.com/futureglo/) menu item to be that way. I have read the documents and tried nesting them in the pages but nothing seems to work. I know I’m missing something easy.




    I figured this one out. I was suing the wrong menu widget. I was supposed to be using the Custom Menu widget. But for some reason it doesn’t show an arrow for the blog page: http://www.litrotechnologies.com/articles/

    Is that normal?




    The blog page missing arrow might be down to the page template being used for the Articles page. I’m guessing you’ve set the Articles page to display the blog posts in the theme options?

    I’ll look into this and try to reproduce on my test site.



    H James,

    Yes, I have the page Articles selected in the theme options. I’ve also tried changing template from Default Template to Blog Overview and neither has an effect.

    Thanks for looking into this.



    Any update on this? I’d like to have the arrows show up on the blog as well. Is there a way to do this?

    I would like to have each category like this, so that when you go to a category, you can see each post on its own page with the “arrow menu” to the right.. like a step by step “blog subject mini-series”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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