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    Can I modify the code in a novice manner to allow adding new sidebars that can then be added from the page/post editor to a range of pages/posts? If I understand correctly from using a couple recent themes, to have 5 different sidebars across the site, I need to individually add a unique sidebar to every single page, which then make my widgets admin page a horror to manage if I have 150 pages or so. Is this correct? Every other theme I have used that allows unique sidebars allows the creation of however many sidebars, but then from page editor the ability to add a custom sidebar to that page, thus only creating maybe 10 sidebars total across the site, instead of a custom sidebar for every page. Any help or ideas here? I really want to purchase and use Choices but this sole issue would make it too unwieldy/cumbersome to manage the 10 or so unique sidebars I need across the site. Thank you.


    Hi demtnman,

    I’m not sure how easily this could be implemented so let me tag the rest of support team to see if they do.




    May I ask for this as a feature request? I love Kriesi’s themes and have purchased a number of them over the past few years, back from Javazine, Cubitz, Sleekslide when such things as unique sidebars were not even around, up to Propulsion. His code is so clean. With my moderate skill in design/dev. I am able to navigate his code and make necessary changes. I could go on: I simply love the themes. But the one flaw that endures in my mind in recent themes with sidebar managers is the current method of adding sidebars to pages.

    Recently with my major web project, I am stuck as I want everything that Choices offers, but I need to have about 10-15 sidebars shared each among multiple pages throughout the site. Every other theme I have used with sidebar managers allows such use through the creation of a sidebar that can be added from page/post editor to a given page, thus only 10-15 sidebar widget areas to work with in widget admin page. Currently, I would have to create about 150 sidebars in order to have 10-15 different ones across the site, and then add the same widget content to every single one. If there is any way Kriesi would consider changing this for future themes and then updating some recent ones, I know I and many others who know the difference will very much appreciate it. Not to mention I will likely purchase many more themes, since like I said, this is the one major limiter for my current needs.

    Thank you so much for your time.


    Thank you. I will explore these. Upon initial look at them, I am wondering this about how they would integrate with Choices, and Kriesi’s other themes for that matter:

    Using Widget Logic, would I just have the standard sidebar that comes in Kriesi’s theme, add all the widgets that I would need across the 10-15 sidebars across the site to that one sidebar, and then for each widget assign it to to all the pages it would show on? If this is so, I could make this work. It would actually clean up my widget admin page from having about 30 sidebars (right/left) to manage and scroll down to.

    Do I add the widget to pages by including in widget’s meta is_page(“about”, “contact”, “portfolio”) ?

    Or is this such that I must clone/modify page files to then attach the .php file to the given widgets?

    If I do not understand this correctly, would you be able to take a minute and briefly explain how this widget would integrate into Kriesi’s theme? How I would use it to meet my need.

    I really appreciate your time with this. I have spent hours searching for a theme that offers what I need. I really want to upgrade my current theme to Choices responsive, but I have to know this will work before I purchase and spend more time on this.


    Hi demtnman,

    I’ve not used widget logic myself but I’ve heard good things about it. I’ll tag Peter on the topic again and see if he is able to further answer your questions on it.




    This is a feature that, to be honest, I expected to find in the Choices theme.

    It’s a wonderful theme in many aspects, but the ability to choose a custom sidebar from at the page level is an absolute must for a large site. The site I’m working with may only require 6 custom sidebars by main page – with up to 50 or more 3rd and 4th level pages using the same sidebar per section.


    Hi Onsharp,

    Its a pretty hefty feature to add in but I can definitely understand the interest. However the plugins listed above do a really good job in assisting with the depth you are looking for in the interim.




    Widget logic acts as a filter – thus you need to add the widgets into the “Displayed Everywhere” sidebar area and Widget Logic filters them based on your conditional statement. There’re two ways to filter them:

    1) Include them with following code:

    is_page(array(16, 20, 25))

    The widget will be displayed on some pages only – with the ids 16, 20 and 25

    2) Exclude certain pages and display the widget on all other pages – use following code in this case:

    ! is_page(array(16, 20, 25))

    The ! is the NOT operator and the conditional will return true if the user doesn’t view/request page id 16, 20 or 25.


    Thanks for the replies. I may give it a shot with Choices. My only concern then is I will have to organize the many widgets for the various sidebars in such an order that I have consistency of layout of menus, slides, links, etc across the pages for the respective conditional assignments. Feels kind of like a hack to lay out the site.

    Is there any chance of Kriesi changing his unique sidebar feature for future themes to allow creation of some sidebars that can be added to pages/posts from the page/post editor? I do not mean to hassle, and Kriesi can certainly do whatever he pleases (I respect that), but it would be the cherry on top of his amazing themes for larger sites with lots of different types of page content. And it seems to be the developing standard among themes with unique sidebar options. In fact, of many I have explored, Kriesi’s are the only ones I have found like this.

    Thanks again for the support. And I fully realize one can only expect so much for $40-$50. Doesn’t hurt to ask, though.


    Hey demtnman,

    I sent Kriesi the information as a Feature Request but have not heard one way or another and we may not have one until after his next round of updates have been released.




    Hey Thanks for the suggestion. Truth to be told the current sidebar widgets was added a long time ago and I will probably think about changing it to a more sophisticated system but its nothing that will be implemented with the next update. (I am not even sure if choices will receive an update to the sidebar system, even if we decide to add a bette rone, simply because I dont want to break it for existing custoemrs that already put in a lot of time to add their current sidebars…)

    thanks for the suggestion!

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