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    I’m using a sidebar on the right side of the page layout for navigation and orientation across the whole site. But in the product detail view, I have no choice to enable a sidebar. Some customer get lost on that point and can only go back by the browser. When I enable a widget for the categories, it appears down on the left side, which is not ideal for usability. Example:

    So, I have two questions:

    1. Is there a possibility to bring the widget on the upper right side of the layout or to enable a right sidebar on the product detail side, as well as on usual pages?

    2. Would any kind of “breadcrump” work with the theme/layout?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,




    It’s possible but it would require the two current columns to give up space since the right sidebar takes up 210px. Another option would me to increase the total available space from 930px to 1050px

    This is how it looks with total width 1050px = 290+490+210+padding

    The thing is, when we start dealing with smaller screen sizes (ipad and smartphone) there simply is no room unless you make things ridiculously small which won’t benefit the customer. Also it would kind of look strange if only one section of the website is 1050 while the rest is 930px wide. But I think we can do that if that’s what you want for the large screen sizes, keeping everything else as is.

    I believe the theme already has breadcrumbs, but you can also try this plugin




    Hi Nick,

    glad hearing from you. If I got you right, you’re advising against the upscaling of only one section to 1050px. So, I have tried to enable the breadcrumps first. I couldn’t find anything like breadcrumps belonging to the theme. Therefore I installed the recommended plug-in. Where exactly do I have to place the code in the header-php to appear the breadcrump below the page title?





    I would try the breadcrumbs in a number of places to see which one looks best. But I think you will need to add them to multiple files inside the /includes/ folder that start with loop-





    loop-portfolio_item (line 22, 37, or 42) up to you,.


    And within each file (i would try with one first to position it where i like;move it around and see what happens, just watch out what you are pasting and where you are pasting it. once you have it up anywhere , let me know so i can move it with dom and give you the exact line number. since i dont know what it looks like its hard to say at this point.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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