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    hi kriesi,

    i am trying to define special widget areas for categories but it won’t work – it always shows the widgets for displayed everywhere, although the categories are shown in the widget area in the admin panel – a WP 3.0 problem?

    and is there a possibility to set special sidebars for posts?

    thank you!



    hey felix, a sidebar for posts is currently not possible. I am not sure while this error happens for you. first of all please upgrade the theme to the latest version as well (if you didn’t do that already), I have released a new version when wp3 was released. (you might need to re setup your main menu however, since the new version uses the built in wordpress 3 menu manager)

    if that doesnt fix it:

    please drop me a mail with the following data via my contact form:

    • url to your installation
    • access data to your backend

    Please tell me in this post if you sent me a mail so I check them :)


    hi kriesi,

    i have sent you an email…

    thx for your help!


    and one final question,

    where can I change the read more beneath the articles zu mehr lesen



    Ok, I checked your installation and it seems its still not runing the latest version of my theme. Please update it, might still be that you are suffering from a bug that was causing the problem a few versions before.

    Your second problem can be fixed by just openening the apropriate tempalte files and search for any occurence of this (or a similar) line:

    < a href="<?php echo get_permalink() ?>" class="more-link"><?php _e('Read more','newscast'); ?>< /a>

    Here you can change the Read more directly. Ane xample would be index.php line 138 and 178

    The problem with your permalink structure is nothing theme related, thats a wordpress internal setting to add the category keyword before categories. I don’t know if it can be removed but I am pretty sure there are plugons on available which can do that :)




    hi kriesi,

    thank you for your help – I have updated to the new version of the template. the menu works fine, the widget area for one category (adventure) now works, but for the category touren there is still the same problem – do you have any ideas why it does not work for one category?



    I bet your category “touren” has sub categories.. is this correct?


    yeah thats correct


    but the other category which works fine also has sub categories



    Have you got at least 1 published post in these categories which don’t show up?




    I have just installed WP 3.0 in a new directory with a new database, but there is still the same problem – maybe there is a problem with the theme when you want to have more than one category to have special widget areas?

    thx for your help



    I’ve marked this for Kriesi’s attention as a possible bug.

    Best regards,




    hm, could it be that you selected a category twice by accident? That also seems to cause an error…




    I dont think so – what is quite funny – i have touren & adventure in my second menu – widget area for adventure works, now I have added a third button in my second menu – as soon as I post one article there the widget area for this category also works – there only seems to be a problem with touren…

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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