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    looking at the online demo ( the sidebar should occupy the right part of the screen regardless of the elements lying at its left (posts preview, columns, etc…).

    On my website the situation is different: I created a dynamic template but apart from the Blog section (the big slideshow of the featured posts) which correctly occupies the top left part of the homepage all the other columns elements are pushed down by the sidebar if its height is over the slideshow height.
    It’s like if the column elements start only when the sidebar is ended, and this behaviour creates an horrible hole below the featured posts slideshow.

    How can I have the sidebar occupying all the right part of the page and in the meantime being able to put other elements at its left and under the homepage slideshow?

    Thank you very much, is really important


    Hey matteora!

    Please post a link to the website. We would like to inspect it.



    Hi Ismael,
    thank you for the reply.
    The website can be seen here: YhYYQL (the space before the YhYYQL part muse be removed)
    Sorry for the redirect but we wouldn’t like to have the website reached by search engines or bots

    Thanks again, please let me know



    The link you provided is I think you forgot the correct link.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,
    the link is actually right, as I’ve tried to explain I decided to separate the domain ( and the remaining part of the URL (YhYYQL) with a space because I don’t like to have the website itself indexed by search engines and/or other bots

    So let me paste again the link: YhYYQL

    Just be sure to paste the entire line in the browser’s address bar and remove the space in the middle: I’ve just double checked and the link works properly when the 2 parts are joined together ;)

    Thank you again!



    Can you try deactivating all active plugins and check if that helps?



    I tried deactivating ALL the plugins (even though I have only jetpack and a video player html5 compliant) but nothing changed.

    Sorry for the question but I’m thinking to a possible incomprehension: are you sure that also with a dynamic template the sidebar can occupy all the right side of the homepage?
    Even though I asked this question it seems strange to me now since, with the sidebar on the right, how can other 4 or 5 columns fit on the left (just an example)?
    I think that with the default Blog style homepage having the sidebar on the right it’s not a big deal because the possible options are only to display 1 or 2 elements on the left (the last posts preview displayed under the featured posts slideshow); but with a 5 columns element how is it possible to have enough space for all those 5 columns plus the fixed width sidebar?

    I don’t know, I’m just trying to work it out, and I wouldn’t like to find out that the problem is due to one of the customisations I made with the css or editing the php files…

    Thanks for your help, it’s really appreciated


    Does anyone have any clue about my question?



    How do you have your homepage set? The way the demo is set up is its using a template builder template called Frontpage. There is a Blog element is set to display the top slider of blogs and then the boxed blog posts below them all set with that one element. Then there is a horizontal ruler element with custom text to act as a header for the content below. Next is a columns element for the “most recent posts” content.

    So on your page, if the blog element doesn’t have equal height content to the sidebar then it will have a big blank spot until it reaches the full width elements.



    Hi Devin, thank you for the answer.
    Yes I was talking exactly about that, the blank space below the blog element when the sidebar is taller than the blog element itself.
    I’m working out this “issue” changing the layout of the homepage


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