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    I got some issues, i hope it is easy to fix it, but actually impossible for me ;)

    My blog: http://www.chiemgaukicker.de

    1. The “Submit”-Button is displayed right besides the reply-field. Therefore the Sidebar-Content is displaced I guess…

    Take a look: http://www.chiemgaukicker.de/neu-auf-chiemgaukicker-umfrage

    2. I want to displace the line above the First-Menu under itselfs. I increased the hight of the header, so I want to align the line.

    3. I can´t create a submenu on the second-menu, although I followed the instruction in https://kriesi.at/support/topic/i-can%E2%80% (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-menu-behaves-weird

    If I create a hierarchy and safe, nothing changes…

    4. The Slider behaves a little… nervously, if you navigate over the borders.

    I hope you can give me some hints to solve my problems… I love the theme and your support ;)



    1) The sidebar displays fine for me here (Firefox 5, Chrome, IE9)

    2) I think a plugin breaks this page. Maybe you’re using a plugin or widget exclusively on it? I can’t even validate the page with W3C: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chiemgaukicker.de%2Fneu-auf-chiemgaukicker-umfrage&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0&user-agent=W3C_Validator%2F1.2

    3) The line is part of the background image: http://www.chiemgaukicker.de/wp-content/themes/ThemeNewscast/newscast/images/skin3/bg.png – you can resize the image to your new header height (i.e. increase the image height to push the border down).

    4) It seems that two different menus are currently in use so I assume you’ve problems to save sub menus? If yes please make sure that you’re using Firefox or Chrome to edit the menu structure – around three days ago an user reported that the submenu items won’t save if IE8/9 is used. The items just moved back to the left and displayed as main menu item. It’s a WP3.2 bug and not related to the theme.

    5) You can change the animation speed. Open up custom.js and search for:

    slides: '>div',				// wich element inside the container should serve as slide
    animationSpeed: 900, // animation duration
    autorotation: true, // autorotation true or false?
    autorotationSpeed:3, // duration between autorotation switch in Seconds
    easing: 'easeOutQuint', // animation easing, more options at the bottom of this file
    event: 'mouseover', // event to focus a slide: mouseover or click
    imageShadow:true, // should the image get a drop shadow to the left
    imageShadowStrength:0.5, // how dark should that shadow be, recommended values: between 0.3 and 0.8, allowed between 0 and 1
    fontOpacity: 1, // opacity for font, if set to 1 it will be stronger but most browsers got a small rendering glitch at 1
    backgroundOpacity:0.8 // opacity for background


    Increase the animationSpeed value (time in ms).


    Great work Dude!

    I had fixed the most issues. You are right with the menu-problem, with firefox it works!

    Just the sidebar-problem ist still open.

    The Error in the W3C was caused by an ö in my language-customisation…

    The submit-button and sign-in-informations are still displayed right from the contact-form, and the Widget (WP-Cumulus) is displayed under the Contact-Form…

    This happens only on blogposts, pages and archives are working perfectly…

    any idea?

    thanks a lot



    Ok I checked it again and there’s a div structure error which causes the sidebar glitch: Line 312, Column 8: end tag for element “div” which is not open.

    I’d suggest to upload single.php again because a div tag is missing in your current file.

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