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    I am using the two sidebar settings in Newscast for my blog and am having a display issue. Instead of showing up side by side, the right sidebar section is displaying underneath the left sidebar. This is isolated to Firefox on my Mac. Firefox version is 3.6.10 and the Mac is running Leapord. Website is http://www.regardinghorses.com. The sidebars are fine in Safari and on PC browsers, but Firefox on the Mac is my primary usage, so I need to get this fixed.



    I hope someone with a Mac can comment on this – I only work with Windows PCs and notebooks and I can’t reproduce this problem. Maybe James can reproduce it with Firefox on his Macbook. Did you change any css attributes?


    I made a few minor CSS changes to the text in the sidebar (decreased font size and tweaked colors) but that was it.


    Ha. Problem solved. It was a display issue with the Mac and nothing in the code. Apparently I accidentally zoomed out on the view at some point, and the browser was smart enough to remember that and always pulled up my site that way. I was looking at some other sites on the same theme and noticed that everything was a little bigger on theirs. I zoomed back in to the normal view, and voila, the sidebar popped back up where it belonged. Gotta love the easy answers.


    Funnily, I can zoom out on other browsers including Safari and the sidebar stays where it belongs. Still only happens in Firefox.


    Glad that you solved the problem.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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