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    I’m using the Upscale theme (love it). I’ve run into an issue. All of my sidebar widgets are empty and when I try to create a sidebar or add a widget the posts/pages are blank. It’s like all my pages / posts are stuck on full-width. I mistakenly deleted a widget area so I’m wondering if that could be causing an issue. How would I check that?



    you could download an untouched version of the theme (for free) on Themeforest and install it or compare the files you’ve just downloaded with your modified files to ensure your files are good.


    Thanks. That solved one of my issues. Now, I know you warned me… but I did this too.

    “However be very careful when removing widget areas that already got widgets applied to them.

    WordPress doesn’t remember where it stores widgets by name, it stores this information by number. So if I would add a text widget to Contact (widgetarea Nr6 in the screenshot), and then delete the Contact widget area, the widgets would then be in Jobs. (previously in 7, now the new 6)”

    Do I need to go into the database? or how do I fix this?


    Could you explain what the exact problem is you’re having at this moment?

    To rearrange your widgets you can drag them in and out the areas in your menu under Appearance > Widgets..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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