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    Hi, i’m running Display on a multilanguage site (and i use WPML for multilanguage support), i’ve used “Extra Widget Areas for specific Pages” and “Custom menu widget” for my sidebar, but, right now i’ve got a problem: the menu shows only on my primary language page.

    Is there a way to show it also on the other language pages?



    Unfortunatley I don’t know the WPML Plugin good enough to assist here, I am very sorry. Don’t know if the plugin creators could maybe help you…

    You can find their site here: WPML




    I have successfully implemented 5 languages on the Avisio theme via WPML.

    Out of the box the plugin will allow you to translate all your pages and posts. The custom posts “portfolios” and “sliders” won’t work out of the box, but I have changed the code of the theme so that it all works perfectly. Took about 30 hours of work, but was worth it. You can see the results at: … It speaks 5 languages :-)

    Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info at (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Kind Regards,

    Bruno van Branden


    @Who may help.

    I am using Display theme (love it) and I need to add a multi language function to it. I searched the web and came to the conclusion that the best way to do that on WordPress is buying the WPML plugin (which I did). As I may in the future have to add extra languages (on top of English, French and Italian), I thought that this plugin would be the easiest way to go. I tried configuring it and it is very easy to translate any page or posts. The tough part being able to translate the MENU (as Display uses a specific Menu Manager), the LINKS (appearing in my footer) and the SUBMENU in the sidebar. I really need your help. I would really appreciate it if Kriesi team could help me on this as I understand that more and more people (that have bought a premium theme from you) wish to have a multi language functionality to their blogs/websites.

    @Bruno, if you wish to share some of your experience to help me out that would be terrific.

    Thank you very much in advance,

    All the best



    Kriesi requested a WPML developer license and he looks into implementing WPML support for upcoming themes. Maybe he’ll update existing themes too (however I’m not aware of any updates and I can’t promise it). We can’t offer a quick solution yet though.

    A side note: I’m not sure if you used the wp menu manager to build your menu. It’s located under Appearance > Menus. I think WPML supports the menu manager and you can translate menus which were build with it. You can use the custom menu widget to display menus in the sidebar too.


    Hey Dude,

    Thanks for your reply. In the mean time, isn’t there any other solution?

    I did not use the wp menu manager since I used the theme’s menu manager (Display Theme).

    Can you please ask around you? I know it is not directly related to the type of support you offer but it definitely makes sense. A lot of customers would appreciate. If you have any other ideas, please let me know. I am sure it can be done but I am not a “coder” and wouldn’t know what to try.

    Thank again for your time, I am confident that you will find THE solution.




    Hello Everyone,

    I was given the partial solution by Dude, Kriesi and Amir. If you use Display 3 by 1 theme (latest version 2.x) then you can stop using the theme’s menu manager and start using the wp menu manager. The latter one can be translated easily. This fixes the top navigation and the sidebar menu. Remaining elements to translate are the the 3 boxes in the mainpage and the footer. I found a solution for the 3 html boxes: instead of using html you can easily define to show a post. So, you just have two create 3 different posts with categories main1, main2 and main3 (you cannot choose a specific post to appear so you need to make them appear by category). This can be translated as well.

    Almost there, except that there is no way of translating the link categories and links in the footer (no solution yet).

    Kriesi and Amir are working together so that new theme’s will be fully compatible with WPML and may even update some old themes to make them WPML compliant.

    Thanks Dude for inquiring about this and giving the solution. If you have any thoughts regarding the footer, please let me know.




    Glad that we could help you. I hope Amir and Kriesi manage to implement WPML support soon :)



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