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    Everything was going fine but today I have seen that my sidebat at the main page had moved to the bottomof the page. I assumed it was a roblem with the width of the column and removed all I had added but no cure.

    Secondly, even if I chose 0 Blog Layout – Full sized entries and 0 Blog Layout – Full sized entries without preview picture, nothing changes and I still have this single full sized at the top of the page. and some 4 entries with no pw pic.

    the address is



    the section you posted in suggests you’re using the Shoutbox theme, the link you provided, however, uses the Newscast theme – just to be clear, we’re talking about, right?

    Anyway, I visited your site and your sidebar shows up fine in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9. This leads me to the questions: Did you solve the issue? If not, what browser(s?) are you experiencing this problem on?



    Thank you for your attention. I actually had that particular problem with shoutbox but I didnt have time to wait for the support so I have purchased Newscast and re-upped with the new theme.

    The problem persists with Shoutbox but as I will not be using it anymore for etikblog there is no need to attend to this problem for the moment. If this changes in the future; I will re-ask for your support.

    Thx anyway


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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