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    Hi, is it possible to have different sidebars in different sections of your site?

    Right now there’s only one for the “blog” and for “pages”, but would like to see if I could have 2 more… just wondering :)


    You’ll have to use the Dynamic Template Builder in the dashboard. You’ll be able to create your own layouts and than when you create a new page or post, you can select that template on the right hand side under LAYOUT.

    Nick made this video for me which I think will help you:

    Hope this helps…


    Hey thanks, but what I´m really looking forward to do is to have a different right side bar for different sections of my website. a.k.a

    one for the products (which is done) one for when you are inside an specific product lets say mattresses I will have a side bar that will show only the mattresses or just the pillows. Another one for the blog, that is done also another one for just the client service section where i will have a different sidebar.

    The way you kindly showed me will show the same sidebar in the pages i decide too.

    The way I think it can be done I would say it might on the widget area perhaps?!?!



    and sorry for sending this post twice!

    prpblems with browser! :)


    You can try plugins like: (helps you to display/hide certain widgets on certain pages based on conditionals) or you can try which comes with “WooSidebars”. The theme itself does not support different sidebars but you can create custom widget areas for categories or pages (Propulsion > Theme Options > Sidebar).


    Hi thank for your response! Yes I actually overviewed that section of the theme and was able to add those different sidebars to the pages I wanted to. Everything was working perfectly… but now I’m in a pickle. :(

    For some strange reason on my “productos” page, the “colchones y almohadas” menu works fine but when I create the “colchones” menu under “linea hotelera” it’s repeating the same menu as the “colchones” menu under “colchones y almohadas” menu…

    you can see it in one individual mattress page in each section to compare and you can see it showing exactly the same menu and they are supposed to be different. I already double checked everything menus sidebars…even the path it’s the correct one its just the sidebar menu that stays the same! Help!



    Me again…

    just fixed that problem by changing the name of the pages a little bit

    it seems sidebars doesn;t like to have pages name the same :)

    Thanks again!



    Glad it works now :)



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