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    I’m playing with layouts and love the way the home page is build with elements controlled by the template builder…

    But when I create my own template and add to a new page it over-rules the side bar on that page… is this the only way it works?




    If you want a blog sidebar, you have to use the blog element. But the sidebar will only start from where the blog element sits in the list of template builder elements. You can also create a false sidebar using the 3 column element (width: 66%, 33%) in the template builder. You put the sidebar elements you need in the third column (33% wide). It doesn’t work exactly like the blog sidebar though. The visual formatting is different.


    Hi Rumblefish,

    That’s not a bad idea although I would prefer a standard sidebar… Is there no way to use the Blog element of the Template builder but to omit the other posts that load with it? (so you only get the slider for Featured Posts) I’ve tried targeting an empty category for the following items but the absence of any posts causes a statement “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” to load…




    Hi Bluebox,

    That is the correct way that it functions with this theme. The templates override all other options including the sidebar. You would need to use the column layout as rumblefish described to get a similar look.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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