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    How can I add Side bar in Portfolio “Posts”. I have added Side bars in Pages But dont know how to add them in “Posts”




    it’s not possible to create widget areas for posts but you can dragn’drop your widgets in the “Displayed Everywhere” widget area and use this plugin: to display the widget on certain pages/posts only.


    In Avisio theme this widget is used to display side bars??


    How this Widget is used. I want to Display “Project Overview” as heading and then points below it.

    See the link (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -power-link

    I want to add side bar to this Post.


    Drag’n’drop the widget into the “Displayed Everywhere” sidebar area and in the widget logic condition field add:



    Also i want Different Sidebars on Different Portfolio Posts means Side bars with different Text on it.


    It’s not possible to add different sidebars – I’m sorry. You can use widget logic to display widgets on certain pages/posts only (use the code above but instead of “198” fill in the post/page id of your choice).


    Here is a suggestion. Please Update the theme with an option to add Different Sidebars with different text on Portfolio Posts :)



    I forwarded the suggestion to Kriesi :)


    Thanks :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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