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    again, this theme is really excellent, and my client is very happy with the overall look, however, he is very visual and wants to have small thumbnails, just like so many other examples, eg the ikea one, below, of alternate colour options for one product item, that when you click it loads the corresponding image above

    so, is it easy to add a small thumbnail of each of the images that appear in the slider (just like the ikea example) directly under, and above the ‘related products’ below? here’s a page that i have built with 3 images – i would like tiny thumbs of each to also show up directly below the larger one

    i’d like to also keep the functionality of the small dots, top left, and the controls, top right, but essentially the thumbnails would also link to the appropriate slider image, above, when clicked

    i have looked at your plugins suggestions, so perhaps i need to use a different slider? i’d prefer to add the functionality to this one, if possible – it’s so great!!!!

    thank you, jodi


    Hi Jodi,

    You will probably have an easier time with a plugin. It would take quite a bit of work to add in the thumbnail functionality to the avia slider.




    thanks, devin

    the client can’t quite get the idea of the controls and dots for nav, even though i think it’s perfect – can you recommend one that you think would work well with this slideshow? :)



    There is a list of recommended plugins here:

    Its going to be a bit of a trick replacing the current slideshow as well but perhaps you can just use a single image in the built in slideshow then add another gallery within the portfolio page.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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