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    The portfolio has alot that I can use for my client. He want to do testimonials. The idea is to show people in the overview, which then can be clicked to see the full picture and story. So far, so good.

    However, my client feels that showing quotes when hovering over a person is important.

    I have some questions:

    1. is it possible to show a quote (=bit of text) when hovering over a portfolio item?

    2. which (existing) field can be used for that? maybe the caption fields for each image?

    3. how do I go about making this possible? ie. where to start? which template file?

    I think I’ve seen it working somewhere, using this theme.

    Basically, I’d want it to show the caption/caption title in the overview page, just like it does in the single portfolio page.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi timtoolman,

    I think it would be possible, but will definitely take some work. You can modify the the loop-portfolio.php to include a custom field or perhaps the caption as you mentioned. Most of the code is commented to explain what its doing and as long as you keep backups, you can experiment until you get the desired result.




    thanks! i will look into it.

    however, i’d like to show the quote above the portfolio items, like this:

    (3rd item is highlighted by mouse-over, quote is shown above)

    is your advice still applicable for this?


    can you please respond? :)



    Yes – you can insert the code in includes/loop-portfolio.php before the loop (which starts with):

    if (have_posts()) :

    or insert it in template-portfolio.php.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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