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    Dear Kriesi! Thank you for an amazing shoutbox theme!

    Can i PLEASEPLEASE ask you how to setup an exact duplicate frontpage of shout box, as in themeforest’s preview?

    I am terribly new at all this, and my friend has chosen this template to be his new “face”.

    The dummy content import many great examples, and i ll spend hours figuring things out, but could you please send or show me how to make it exactly like the preview ?

    I apologize for the inconvenience but it would make the site just perfect! thank you!!!!!!!


    I thought the dummy content did make it like the preview. Are you sure you imported it all correctly?



    Hi :) I imported the dummy content by clicking the “import” button in the theme admin panel, and a lot of content was added :)

    BUT: i would really love for the dummy content to be as the preview at themeforest, where advertising boxes and all are in place.

    Call me silly, but this is how my friend wants his site to look like, and it would probably mean a simple export for the support team (i hope),

    otherwise i would spend soooo much time figuring out how to put this all in… I am not trying to be lazy, i will still have to do a lot of work…

    The imported site can be seen here: and the preview at TF is here… :

    Please have patience, i am new at this…

    thanks for any help!!!! Lesley


    AHA! it is not called DUMMY content for nothing!

    ME, DUMMY just had to add 3 widgets to get it right…. the advertising widgets were all i needed and removed the extra search bar.

    Anyway, great to see that rumblefish replied immediately.

    Good luck to all!! great theme!!


    Hey mauriceheij,

    Glad you were able to get it all sorted out :)

    The dummy data is a GREAT way to get familiar with the various theme options and I’m glad it helped. Let us know if you have any other questions/issues.




    Glad you figured it out. If you are new to WordPress it can take a while to understand how things work. A Devin said, the dummy content is very useful to see how all the different elements work in the Shoutbox theme.

    If you are going to start changing your css I would recommend changing the custom.css file which is inside the wp-content/themes/shoutbox/css/ folder of your online archives. Make a copy of it to your desktop, make the changes and then upload the new file to that same address in your online site, replacing the file that is already there.

    A great way to learn how css work is to use Firebug, which is an add on you can get for Firefox. You use the select option to highlight the piece of the page you want to examine/change and Firebug displays the css code for you. You can even change the code inside firebug and play around with the page you are viewing to see what effect the changes make, before copying and saving the changes to your custom.css file.

    Other browsers probably have tools for examining web pages too.

    You should also make regular backups of your site files (the files and the database) as you go along in case something crashes along the way. The database is stored in a different place. You need to access phpmyadmin in your server control panel to get to it. There are some useful plugins for WP that can help with backups to save you doing it manually, but its good to know how to do it the long way, just in case.

    Good luck. We were all new at this once – don’t worry!



    Hi rumblefish,

    Thanks for helping out. You got some helpful tips out there. :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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