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    A lot of people tell me that links to post do no work on my site and I was puzzled by that, but then I realized they were talking about the main slider on the front page. It is something I also noticed when I bought the theme but I ignored it and I thought people would work it out but they don’t. The problem is the small thumbnail images and links underneath the slider. When you click on them it brings you the relevant post in the slider. But A lot of people click on those thumbnails expecting to reach the relevant post. I think there is a problem with the behaviour of the slider.

    I searched about the slider on your site, I think other people also complained about this problem. There is even a you tube video about it. But I could not watch the video.

    How can I get the slider open the the post when I click on the thumbnail image or the text link. The link is already there, if you right click and open it it takes you to the post but not when you click on it. Can I change this?

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    I think I need to describe the problem a bit more, so that you understand what I am talking about.

    Normally when the main page loads, the slider is moving and showing different feature images belonging to different posts.

    If the user clicks on the small thumbnail image instead of the big image in the slider, the slider stops. This is ok as long as the small thumbnail image and the big image in the slider belong to different posts but if they belong to the same post the slider stops and nothing happens. User keeps clicking on the same thumbnail but doesn’t see any change unless they click on another thumbnail but if they don’t they simply decide that the link does not work and they move on to another site.

    I invested a lot of time in your theme and I really like it. I also like the slider, especially how it looks but there is a problem with its behaviour. I hope you can see this and find an elegant solution to this.




    Can you post the link to your website?

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit

    I can, but I checked your demo site the behaviour is the same. Just load the page and wait till the image of the tiger appears in the slider then click on the “A post with multiple preview Images” which has the small thumbnail image of the tiger. You will notice that the slider no longer rotates. And If you keep clicking on the same thumbnail image or link nothing will happen unless you click on another small thumbnail then you realize that those small images are for bringing the relevant post into the view in the slider. Based on the feedback I get from some of the users, they think that the links are broken and they don’t work.

    I would like to be able to link to the post, when you click on the thumbnail it just brings the relevant post in the slider. I need to change this behaviour.

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    This is the intended way the slider behaves. When you are viewing the active slide clicking on the thumbnail intentionally has no action.

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin,

    I realize that it is the intended way, but I would like to change this. I tried to explain why the intended way is not really all that good. Many sliders that behave this way have numbers or dots underneath and users know that they can click these and flick through the pictures. You have replaced the numbers or little dots with thumbnails that appear to have links. When users see a link they are expecting to reach another page. I found a slider that behaves just like yours but it is really clear because it has an arrow pointing to the picture and it says read more.

    In shoutbox slider, it can be confusing for some users. This is the feedback I get from the users.

    This is another example of a slider that behaves like yours, but if you click on a picture, slider does not stop, it keeps moving after a while whereas shoutbox slider simply stops. And the thumbnail pictures have no text or link. Once you put a link then it should take you to a link.

    I would like to change this. Is there an easy way? If it is not easy to change what else can I do. Can I put a link somewhere that says read more? Or Is it possible to replace the slider with another custom one on the front page?

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    I can tag the topic for Kriesi to take a look at but at this point it would be changing the slider from a theme from a few years back which is pretty out of the norm for him.

    The other option would be either replacing the slider in the template files or hiring a freelance developer to modify it.


    Thanks Devin, I would very much appreciate if you tag the topic for Kriesi. In the mean time is there an easy way to put “READ MORE” link somewhere in the slider (not in thumbnails)?


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