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    I have list of question regarding using Google adsense with ShoutBox.

    1. Is ShoutBox is suitable and can be used for google adsense.

    2. can we avoid showing adsense ads in particular page or pages and post or posts. Because according to google adsense program policies one should not display ads in a page(or)pages and post(or)posts which contains the content that violates the google adsense program policies.

    So if its possilbe that one can show google adsense on particular page/pages or post/posts, he/she will be able to show the google adsense ads only on the page/pages and post/posts which contains the content which adheres or follows their google adsense program policies.

    If its possible to have control on which page,pages,post,posts to show google adsense ads, how can this be achieved the features that Shoutbox has?

    And In the page/pages/post/posts where I dont prefer to show google adsense ads I should be able to show other affiliate banners or any other advertisement services.

    Thank you very much.

    If all these are possilbe I’ll quickly buy this theme! :)



    1) Shoutbox will work with Adsense ads (it won’t conflict with the ad code) however it’s not optimized for google adsense and it doesn’t offer any adsense widgets or any kind of adsense ad implentation/integration. You’ll need to use third party plugins.

    2) If the plugin offers such an option it’s possible. Shoutbox doesn’t offer any dedicated adsense options out of the box.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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