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    Just updated the theme – and was ready to go… finally –

    Bought the theme just a few days ago… and I really like it.. The few people that have seen it likes it also…

    now I was ready to make my front page… but the shortcodes are not there…

    this is what it looks like:

    I have a plugin called CKEditor For WordPress installed – and I NEED that. So please dont tell me that I have to uninstall it… PLEASE!!!!???



    unfortunately you must use the standard wordpress editor (tinymce) instead of CKEditor – otherwise the shortcode generator will not work. The reason is that the shortcode generator is a plugin for tinymce and the code/plugin is not compatible with other editors. It seems like the woocommerce button, etc. are missing too.



    Since I am running wordpress multisite – I cannot uninstall it… but I can uninstall it while I am doing update here I guess. And since I do not have more then one user… for the time beeing … I guess I have to live with it… but thanks…. for your answere

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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